January healthy snack finds!

So during my lunch break at work today I decided to pop to the nearest shop for some snacks, Boots happened to be the nearest shop. While I was in there, I came across a large range of healthy little snacks and treats, including a range of healthy varieties of crisps and popcorn, nut snack packs, lighter cereal bars and so on. Who knew Boots had such a nice little healthy snack section!?

Anyway the three products I chose to pick up for snacks included: a bag of Popchips (which I have tried before but in the bbq flavour, and LOVED), a bag of chickpea puffs, and an unusual little thing called crunch corn- made by Propercorn, a healthier popcorn brand.


  1. Hippeas’ original chick pea puffs: These were surprisingly good for just 91 calories, and they make quite a tasty little snack if you’re on the go, want to make a healthy substitute for regular crisps. These are vegan and gluten free, organic, high in fiber and also a source of protein (2.5g per bag) These were a little pricey, costing 1.50, but bare in mind this was in Boots so the price could be slightly higher. I haven’t personally seen this before but I have found out they are stocked in Waitrose and Holland and Barratt, and possibly other health stores.

Overall rating: 7/10- tasty and satisfying little snack, filled with good ingredients. 

2) Propercorn: Crunchcorn, salt and vinegar flavour: These.. well these were a little unusual but tasty nonetheless! These are described on the packet as ‘a bit like nuts’ I guess they are most similar to nuts if I had to compare them to another food. They get their crunchiness from the fact they are half popped cournels of popcorn, so basically half cooked popcorn. These had an awesome strong taste of salt and vinegar- very similar to kettle chips salt and balsamic vinegar in taste. These are a little high in fat (7g per pack) and contain 140 calories, although there is a lot in the pack, I don’t think these are the most filling and you aren’t really getting the most bang for your buck, I think there are better alternative snacks, even just regular popcorn would be my preferred snack.

Overall rating: 4/10- tasty but not filling/very nutritiously dense for calories. 

3) Popchips: These are my go to snack if I am looking for a substitute to crisps. They come in a few flavors  classic salt and vinegar, salt and pepper, bbq, thai sweet chili and a few others. The sour cream ones remind me so much of the sour cream and onion pringles which are delicious. However I have personally only seen the first 3 of these flavors in my local Sainsburies which I think are the most popular/classic ones. At just 97 calories per 25g bag, and 0.3g of fat, it’s a winner for me. I’m not one to obsess over fat content and what not, but when you compare this to a regular bag of crisps the macros are great, for such a tasty snack. My only downfall is that these are so moreish, one bag is not enough!

Overall rating: 9/10




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