Delicious vegetarian sausage alternative

Recently I’ve found myself trying out lot’s of vegetarian/vegan alternatives to foods I normally eat. Not because I’m planning on going vegetarian but just because I think it’s good to make the substitute in meals sometimes/when you can, and if you have a delicious, high protein alternative to something that isn’t nutritionally that great (such as pork sausages) why not try it out? These Linda McCartney sausages are actually so tasty and have a really similar texture inside to regular sausages. I picked them up randomly but have ended up buying boxes of them and adding them to my regular lunches of eggs, and avocado (see below) to make a healthy and filling lunch that is also high in protein and full of good fats. These sausages come frozen and take around 10 minutes to cook under the grill so really quick and easy, they come with 6 in a box for around £1.75 to £2 a box depending on where you buy them. If you are looking for a vegetarian alternative to sausages or just want something that’s healthier than regular sausages , be sure to give these a try.




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