Welcome to my blog!

Hiya, my name is Rachel, I’m 21 year old Journalism student from London, who has a passion for all things health and fitness related (but mainly weightlifting and food!!)  I enjoy taking care of my body, watching it grow stronger, develop and change as I continue into the second year of my fitness journey- I say journey as I feel like I am constantly progressing mentally and also physically, but really it is a LIFESTYLE change (not a diet) and is ongoing. I still enjoy my treats and yummy foods, but just in moderation, which is part of living a balanced lifestyle, that makes me happy and feel good about my body.

On this blog I plan to post reviews of healthy but tasty foods/ meals I come across as I am someone who is constantly on the lookout for a new healthy snack, meal, drink- you name it, also gym fashion, workouts I’ve done, events I go to or anything else fitness related. I guess this will be like an informative diary!

Mostly I wanted a place to document my fitness lifestyle and share it with/ be of some use to others starting out or already on theirs, and it’s always nice to look back and see how far you’ve come since last year.

Rachel x


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